Sizing Instructions Legs Jacket 2.0

Welcome to the page where we will guide you on how to choose the perfect size for your pair of the Legs Jacket.

We wouldn’t want to advise you make a comparison to the sizes that you normally use because sizes differ from location to location (also from brand to brand) and you guys are from all over the world, so we don’t want to create confusion. 

You will need a tape measure (we presume everyone has one around the house, or maybe you can ask your neighbor for one):

1. Take your favorite pair of pants (the one that fits you just right).

2. Measure your waist (please bear in mind that the waistline in the table is RELAXED FIT, and as you can see below it will stretch up to 10 cm/4". So a relaxed fit, Men's, M is 40cm/16" will stretch up to 50cm/20).

3. Lay it on a table and using a tape measure (we strongly advise you to use a tape measure) measure the inseam, starting from the seam in between the legs to the ankle. Make sure to measure the SEAM LINE!


If you still have problems after reading this instruction, feel free to contact us on live chat or you can write an email to and we will be there to help.