About us

You probably wondered what VEAR is? Let me tell you a story. 

It was a standard cold morning during November in Aalborg, Denmark. Heavy rain was falling just when ecology student named Valentin had to go to his lectures. He put his raincoat, sat on his bicycle and one more day more while listening lectures with soaking wet legs followed. We live in the 21st century, people walked on the Moon, we've sent probes to Mars but somehow we can't protect our legs properly during everyday commuting? That thought alone represented a challenge he had to overcome and the concept for the Legs Jacket was born. 

After making some sketches, Valentin used waterproof materials to make his pair of raincoat for legs. Other students loved the idea and asked if they can get a pair for them too. Happy to see such a positive feedback, he thought that this idea is worth sharing worldwide. He immediately launched a Kickstarter campaign but with no experience in crowdfunding, the campaign had no success. That was no reason to grief but to regroup your thoughts, analyze what's been done wrong and what can be done better. A small team was assembled, the strategy created and the second campaign was ready to start and it was a massive success. The Legs Jacket project was fully funded in 27 hours! Yes, the Legs Jacket was no longer just a concept and VEAR was alive.

You now know how VEAR was born but still don't know what VEAR is.

Yes, VEAR is a company. Yes, it's a small group of people that create rainwear...but it's not just that, it's so much more.

VEAR is the feeling of comfort when you dance in the rain and you know you'll stay dry!

VEAR is the experience of cycling in any given situation!

VEAR is the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want!