About us

We couldn't stand commuting in the rain, but then we changed the game!

You are fearless. You absolutely love going outside even during the heavy rain because you’re not here to be caged. Your soul food is the fresh air you breathe. We know, trust us. We know. We’re you. We share that mutual feeling of freedom but we share some bad moments too, especially when you’ve planned your daily dose of outdoor activities and the heavy rain has started.

When there’s a heavy rain, you’re faced with a tough choice. You can stay at home, but we all know it’s not going to happen. 86% of commuters stay at home when it’s raining but NOT YOU! You chose to go out knowing that when you’re done, you’ll be wet like Michael Phelps during his training.

What if it doesn’t have to be that way? Imagine your personal protector, hidden and just waiting to help you. Yes, when the rain comes, it comes as well and it stays there until you reach your destination dry, warm and with a smile on your face. Imagine that.

We are a solution. Well, not us like individuals, but that’s what VEAR stands for. We can promise you that by using our Legs Jacket or Jacket you’ll stay dry like you would have been like you stayed at home. We do, we promise you that. So why wait? Go to our web store and grab your pair/s!

PS You’re welcome!