Perfect for everyday commuting

Why Legs Jacket?

I want it

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VEAR is here to keep you warm and dry

To take on the challenge, we have designed VEAR, a sleek and stylish, eco-friendly pair of rain pants that zip up on your body just like a jacket does.

“No one should have to avoid going out because of something as minor as a little bit of rain.”

The Verge

I must have looked like a fool, smiling in the poring rain, but I was a well dressed cool!
In short, the leg jacket is exactly what you promised! 

Thank you!

Jacob - backer from Denmark

Big problem, simple idea, amazing solution.


It looks great and the fit is perfect. I'm sure the Irish weather will oblige. 

Peter - backer from Ireland

Easy to store and carry!


Protect the environment!

I want it!