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Your ultimate safety companion for night riding and outdoor activities. Engineered with precision and designed for visibility, this super-bright LED rear light ensures you stay safe and secure in any low-light conditions.
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Enhanced Safety

Equipped with powerful LED lamp beads, the VEAR Backlight guarantees optimal visibility during night rides. Tailored for various activities, including running, walking, strolling, cycling, and more, this safety light is a must-have.

Three Lighting Modes

Experience versatility with three distinct lighting modes – Fast Flash, Breathing Flashing, and Steady. Easily toggle between these modes with a simple press, allowing you to adapt the brightness and warning function based on your surroundings.

Easy To Use

The epitome of simplicity and safety for your nighttime adventures. The hassle-free strap ensures a quick and secure attachment, allowing you to focus on your journey without any complications.

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red light?

Just finally got my jacket. Needed to add the batteries to the front light. But, no amount of finagling (even taking it apart and putting it back together) has allowed this light to work.


How i change battery??

Hi Maria, you can use a screwdriver to open the back part of the light to change the battery. I hope this helps!